Special Dietary Needs


Meals at CJL are prepared by our trained dietitian and staff, and are served family-style in the camp dining hall. Given adequate notice, we can accommodate campers who are vegetarian and have moderate food allergies and sensitivities, and we work to help these girls become strong self-advocates for their needs.


When you register for camp using our online application, you will have the opportunity to provide detailed information about any special dietary needs or restrictions for your camper (vegetarian, lactose intolerant, gluten free, food allergies, diabetic, etc.). If your camper has food allergies, please indicate the severity of each allergy.


Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to accommodate all special diets.  We do not serve vegan or Paleo meals, and we are unable to ensure a dye-free diet or avoid cross contamination in the kitchen for those with very severe food allergies.


Please notify the camp of any special dietary needs as soon as possible but no later than one month prior to your camper’s arrival. Gluten free diets will incur a $25/week fee to defray the costs of preparing special meals. The fee will be added after your application is received, and you will be notified at that time.


If you have any questions, please contact the camp office: (770) 428-1062 or info@CJL.org. 



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